Life After High School

August 27, 2014 10:00 am

Sometimes the story begins as it should… Having met in high school, The Pengwins played covers of Beatles, Grand Funk, CCR and Alice Cooper in living rooms, garages, parties and dances for sometimes adoring adolescents in the Kennedale/Fort Worth area of Texas all the while dreaming of bigger stages and always adoring adolescents. Unlike most other nascent rock n’ rollers, The Pengwins actually started to write their own songs.

“Life After High School” is the first recording released by The Pengwins. Pressed as a 7” 45 RPM single in 1978 with 3 songs (LAHS plus Look Around and It’s a Dream), it had a small LP sized hole in homage to the singles coming out of the U.K. at the time. It was released on Fabb Records where “Even if it’s not a hit, it’s a Fabb Record!” In retrospect, LAHS is a near perfect vinyl slab reflecting a coming of age, life stage summation and launching pad for the future – both for the song’s narrator and the band itself.