The re-Used Electrics


Remember the punk wave of 1977-78?

The Used Electrics prowled Houston, Texas from 1980-1985 introducing punk covers to a classic rock market that hadn’t heard most of the songs in their set list. Long on attitude and volume, they wowed crowds with a dynamic and enthusiastic stage show that left their cheering audiences with a new appreciation for the genre.

The re-Used Electrics have released a 5 song EP honoring one of the guitar greats of that era – Johnny Thunders.

Recorded to capture the spirit of the sound of live punk bands of that time (loud guitars, buried vocals), “For Johnny” is a brief romp through Mr. Thunders’ New York Dolls, Heartbreakers and first solo album.

With the exception of the poignant “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory, ” The Used Electrics played the songs on this EP at every gig.

The CD is dedicated to the late Johnny Fixx, a legendary Texas performer who not only was Used Electric  Victorrockgod’s (vocals/guitars) best friend, but taught VRG the first guitar solo he ever learned – featured, not coincidentally, on “Pills” in this set. “

“For Johnny” indeed!