One More Tomorrow

November 30, 2015 10:26 am

Sometimes you have to buy the album because of what the cover promises.

So it was when I saw Henry Gross “Plug Me Into Something” nestled in the new release wall at my beloved Evolution Tapes and Records in South Houston. I mean – how could I NOT buy it?

Sometimes the music delivers what the cover promises.

So it was when I dropped the needle on “One More Tomorrow,” the lead track on this power pop gem of a record. A crunchingly cool guitar riff, vocals that sound like Eric Carmen’s choirboy brother and harmonies from the Raspberries-cum-Beach Boys school make this my favorite cut from one of my favorite albums of 1974.

Oh – guess what else came out that year? Badfinger “Wish You Were Here” and The Raspberries “Starting Over.” Henry is in good company.

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