Boogie My Life Away

February 22, 2016 6:16 pm

My favorite radio station is The Underground Garage. If you listen frequently, you can sometimes get that old time thrill of hearing an unfamiliar radio song that really hits you.

So it was today. I experienced a blast of rock and roll on Sirius 21 that sounded like a fight between the New York Dolls and The Georgia Satellites (everybody wins). “Boogie My Life Away” by Norway’s own Backstreet Girls is everything I want out of a punk/sass/rock’n roll bar fight – molten Chuck Berry intro, growling lead singer, and a whiskey chugging rhythm guitar.

A quick visit to Wikipedia revealed these album titles:

  • Mental Shakedown(1986)
  • Boogie Till You Puke(1988)
  • Party on Elm Street(1989)
  • Coming Down Hard(1990)
  • Let’s Have It(1992)
  • Live – Get Yer Yo-Yo’s Out(1993)
  • Hellway to High(1999)
  • Boogie Till’ You Bleed(2000) – Compilation
  • Tuff Tuff Tuff(2001)
  • Black Boogie Death Rock n’ Roll(2002)
  • Sick My Duck(2003)
  • Shake Your Stimulator(2007)
  • Don’t Fake It Too Long(2008) – Vinyl only. Recorded in 1994.
  • Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse… Here’s the Backstreet Girls(2009)
  • Death Before Compromise” (2014)

Uh, enough said…

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